Awards 2020

The Congress central theme of “GLOBAL CLIMATE ACTION and ENERGY REQUIREMENTS” focuses on a new advanced vision of professional aspects such as planning and design of health facilities, organisation and management, advanced technologies, risk management, sustainability and resilience as well as the Hospital Environment in relation to Climate Change. 

SIAIS and IFHE are pleased to offer three prestigious awards in Healthcare Engineering and Architecture: 

International Building Award

Aims to recognise the importance of the design of healthcare facilities. Healthcare facilities extend beyond hospitals so the International Building Award recognises the contribution of facilities such as residential care homes and other supported living care environments.

Climate Change and Sustainability of Healthcare System

Is conferred to projects including documents, research (in progress or completed) and studies is aimed at increasing awareness of the Climate Change challenge and the pressure/risks to health facilities and communities. 

Student Competition Award “Healthcare Engineering – Global Climate Action and Energy Requirements”

Intends to give recognition to young people who demonstrate a commitment to health design innovation through design strategies, improving best practices and the improvement of green areas for health benefits.

Terms and conditions for submitting proposals in the above three awards are included in each call.