Presentations include the optimization of  design solution for surplus heating and cooling system as well as retrofitted energy recovery system for air handling units in a hospital building. The trade-off between energy reduction, cost and innovation in healthcare will feature and also Hospitals in a changing climate. Finally , we’ll finish with a testimony from MSF.

January 25th 2021

5.40 pm

Increasing urbanization and health: health policies connecting health
institutions and their neighbourhoods – case study in Sao Paulo

Adriana Levisky
Architect Urbanist, lider of LEVISKY ARQUITETOS ESTRATEGIA URBANA; Brazilian Association of Architecture Offices Counselor (ASBEA-SP), Sao Paulo, Brazil

5.55 pm

Retrofitted Energy Recovery System for air handling units in an hospital building. Maximum reducing of energy cost’s and CO2 Emissions

Amir Ibrahimagic
Konvekta AG, ÖVKT, St.Gallen, Switzerland