Risk management is a continuous, gradual and proactive process that must be integrated into the culture of the organization through a targeted policy by its managers, who assign specific responsibilities and appropriate roles within the company. Some case studies from Argentina and the role of hospital engineers in disaster prevention.

January 27th 2021

3.00 pm

Polo City Hospital of Formosa – Argentina Hospital de la Madre y la Mujer – Pediatric Hospital – Central Laboratory – Interdistrital Evita Hospital  – Nuclear Medicine Centre

Osvaldo Mario Donato
Aadaih – Arq. Osvaldo Donato – Fundador, Aadaih, Buenos Aires, Argentina

3.15 pm

Role of hospital engineers in disaster prevention

Hiroshi Yasuhara
Tokyo Teishin Hospital, Japan

3.30 pm

Voc concentrations in hospital settings: monitoring activities in inpatient wards

Marco Gola
Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering, Italy